2008 E-Z-GO TXT

  • 2008 Ezgo txt
  • 2008 Ezgo txt
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2008 E-Z-GO TXT golf cart – used white 4 passenger.

All vehicles can be used for a variety of tasks beyond the original intended use of the vehicle; therefore, it is impossible to anticipate and warn against every possible combination of circumstances that may occur. No warning can take replace good common sense and prudent driving practices.

Never modify the vehicle in any way that will alter the weight distribution of the vehicle, decrease its stability
or increase the speed or extend the stopping distance beyond the factory specification. Such modifications
can result in serious personal injury or death.
Do not make any such modifications or changes. E-Z-GO prohibits and disclaims responsibility for all such modifications or and alterations which would adversely affect the safety of the vehicle.
Vehicles that are capable of higher speeds must limit their speed to no more than the speed of other vehicles when
used in a golf course environment. Additionally, speed should be further moderated by the environmental conditions,
terrain and common sense.


E-Z-2008 E-Z-GO TXT golf cart
• replace damaged or missing warning, caution or information labels
• maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s periodic service schedule
• ensure that repairs are performed by trained and qualified personnel
• follow the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures
• insulate any tools used within the battery area in order to prevent sparks or battery explosion
• check the polarity of each battery terminal and be sure to rewire the batteries correctly
• use specified replacement parts, NEVER use replacement parts of lesser quality
• use recommended tools
• determine that tools and procedures not specifically recommended by the manufacturer will not compromise the
safety of personnel nor jeopardize the safe operation of the vehicle
• support the vehicle using wheel chocks and jack stands, NEVER get under a vehicle that is supported by a jack, lift
the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
• maintain the vehicle in an area away from exposed flame or persons who are smoking
• be aware that a vehicle that is not performing as designed is a potential hazard and must not be operated
• test drive the vehicle after any repairs or maintenance in a safe area that is free of both vehicular and pedestrian
• keep complete records of the maintenance history of the vehicle

E-Z-2008 E-Z-GO TXT golf cart

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Brand: E-Z-GO
Condition: Used
Passengers: 4 Passenger
Color: White

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