2017 E-Z-GO S4 - Custom-Lifted-Wheels

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2017 E-Z-GO S4 – Custom-Lifted-Wheels

This vehicle is designed and manufactured for off road use only. Use on public streets, roads, or highways is illegal in
most areas and increases the risk of an accident involving other vehicles and people. This vehicle does not meet
FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) for public street, road, or highway use.
Check all laws and regulations before choosing an area to operate your vehicle.
A literature package is included with the purchase of a new vehicle. The package contains the following items:
• Vehicle Warranty Statement
• EPA and California Emission Control Warranty Statement (EVAP emission)
• Emission Control System Warranty Statement (Engine emission)
• Vehicle Registration Card (registration can also be done at www.ezgo.com)
Use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved parts to keep the vehicle warranty effective.
Tampering with or adjusting the governor to allow the vehicle to operate above factory specifications will void the vehicle warranty.
All information, including coverage, limitations, exclusions and how to obtain warranty service is included in the literature package with the purchase of the vehicle. It can also be obtained from your E-Z-GO dealer.
The exhaust emissions of this vehicle’s engine complies with regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) of the United States of America (USA) at time of manufacture. Significant fines could result from modifications or tampering with the engine, fuel, ignition, or air intake systems. Refer to the warranty statements provided
with the vehicle for all information.


2017 E-Z-GO S4 – Custom-Lifted-Wheels

Brand: E-Z-GO
Condition: Custom
Passengers: 4 Passenger
Color: Grey - Gold Pin

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